A Study of Traditional Chinese Medicine Spurs a New Wave of Aging-Focused Supplements
Posted by antiagingweb, 09/04/2017 5:59 am

While many people are generally skeptical about the benefits of various traditional forms of medicine, researchers have actually discovered some beneficial things by investigating them. One recent study, for example, began with an investigation into certain herbal supplements often prescribed by practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine. With subjects who took carefully designed extracts exhibiting significantly lengthened telomeres a year later, interest in the findings has been high ever since the study's publication.

Telomerase Supplement products have become quite a bit more common since the results of that study became widely known. Many people now believe that Anti Aging products produced by companies like DNAPlus can help them grapple more effectively with what could otherwise be unpleasant and challenging developments.

Longer Telomeres in Older People May Mean a More Acceptable Pace of Aging

For many years, just how the human body ages was more or less a mystery. On a macroscopic level, of course, virtually everyone understood that the body seemed to decline steadily and in many different ways after a certain stage of life was reached.

The biological mechanisms underlying that progression, however, were far from apparent. Only recently have researchers identified a type of nucleotide known as a telomere as perhaps the single most important contributing factor.


Over time, the telomeres that stand at the end of chromosomes in each cell shorten as the body's ability to lengthen and repair them lessens. When that happens, the DNA and RNA contained in cells begins to experience damage, with cellular functions degrading, as a result.

With this process having been pinned down firmly, it quickly became clear that finding ways of lengthening the telomeres of older people could help them feel more youthful even into their advanced years. As studies like the one noted previously are starting to make clear, such tools might be available even today.

Carefully Formulated Supplements Help Activate Telomerase and Repair Telomeres

Products like the DNAPlus+ Telomerase Supplement are designed to provide the body with the support it needs as it strives to repair the telomeres that keep various cells working properly. By activating an enzyme called "telomerase" that is responsible for this important kind of work, such supplements might be able to slow the process of aging, according to increasingly many who make use of such products. With options like these having become apparent through research into what traditional types of medicine might have to offer, many now hope that others will be discovered as time goes on, as well.


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